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South India Cuisine

South Indian cuisine includes cuisines from these four states: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Cuisines from these 4 states are different from each other, but there are similarities too. One of the similarities is that all of them are so delectable and appetising that leave you craving for more. That's how magical and aromatic South Indian cuisine is.

Rice is indispensable and staple food of each of these regions. Besides rice, spices and lentils, garlic, coconut tamarind, snake gourd,  ginger, plantain etc. are profusely used in South Indian cuisine. Mostly, it is the spiciness that differs in cuisines of each of these 4 states.

Kerala food:-

Diversity is a hallmark of Kerala cuisine. Sambar, rasam, Kalan, kichadi, olan, paalpradaman, are famous vegetarian dishes, to name a few. Non vegetarian dishes are as diverse as the vegetarian ones. You will find different versions of fish curry as well. Shrimp masala, fish fry, chicken stew, jewel fish, thalassery biryani, squid are just some of the non vegetarian dishes of Kerala.


Known for its diversity, Karnataka cuisine is less spicy than other states. Vegetarian food is enjoyed more in this region and udupi cuisine is an inextricable part of Karnataka cuisine. Mostly Bisi bele baath  sambar and rasam are some famous lunch items. Other popular dishes are Vangi bath, Akki roti, Masala dosa and Kesari Bath to name a few.

Tamil Nadu:-

Tamil Nadu cuisine is sought after by the cuisine connoisseurs. Most of the credit goes to the Chettinad recipe that makes Tamil cuisine as exquisite as it is. Chettinad recipe offers a wide variety of non vegetarian dishes. Meat includes Fish, lobster, prawn, crab and chicken. Sun dried meats are also used to make delicious non vegetarian food. There is a long list of vegetarian dishes too. Stuffed dosas with coconut chutneys are quite popular. Idiyappam, Paniyaram, Vellai paniyaram, Karuppatti paniyaram are other vegetarian dishes to name a few.

Andhra Pradesh:-

Most of the Andhra food is lentil and vegetable based. Andhra cuisine is the spiciest of all as chilli powder is profusely used in this cuisine. There is a long list of mouth watering dishes in Andhra's culinary index. Here are just some of the famous Andhra dishes Bendakaya fry, Dondakaya Fry,  Gutti Vankaya, carrot fry, Pulihora, Attu and Upma. Andhra cuisine cannot be complete without the mention of aromatic Hyderabadi food. The taste of Hyderabadi cuisine stands out and it will not be an exaggeration to call it the King of South Indian Cuisine. Hyderabadi cuisine is a conglomeration of Mughlai flavours and carefully chosen spices. In other words, Hyderabadi cuisine, which is a legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad, is liked by all and sundry.

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