Nawab's Palace - Royal Food of Hydrabad

Best Indian Takeaway Docklands

Finding authentic Indian cuisine overseas is more than blissful, but what makes it more exciting is the takeaway option. Located at one of the most bustling Bourke Street, Nawab’s Palace offers a rich range of royal Hyderabadi cuisine. Bourke Street is one of the main streets in Docklands, a popular destination for tourists and tram thoroughfare. With us, getting an Indian takeaway Docklands can never be easier!

At our restaurant, apart from fine dining experience, we ensure that the food lovers can relish our food at their own comfort and convenience. With our takeaway services, you will be able to realise why Nawab’s Palace is a mecca for traditionally prepared Indian delicacies.

You can easily browse through our extensive takeaway menu and have the best flavours in food-grade containers with great quantity. When you order a takeaway from us, you are most likely to eat the whole ready-to-eat and portion-controlled package - even if you are full!


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