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Farewell Parties Catering

Farewell to a friend or colleague in anticipation of an upcoming new opportunity or due to a retirement is never easy. A farewell party is an ideal way to say goodbye as a company or a group. These parties allow you to send the loved one with plenty of happy memories and fun filled experience. At Nawab’s Palace, we help in throwing a farewell party that everyone will remember for a long time to come. We specialise in farewell parties catering in Docklands.

Office farewell parties needn't be sentimental or sad. They can be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the efforts of the departing employee. Planning and organising a farewell party all by yourself would not allow the organisers to be a part of the occasion. With our catering services, we are the option with minimal fuss and great food. Our chefs specialise in a wide range of cuisines, especially Hyderabadi flavours with delectable dishes. From tandoors to the best of Indian delicacies, we ensure that your farewell party has the best-customised menu for the guests.

Plan a unique and exclusive farewell catering experience with us in Melbourne!


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