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Enjoy the delicious Hyderabadi Cuisine with Indian essence being in Melbourne. Nawab’s Palace - one of the top Indian Restaurants in Melbourne, offers same tasty and traditional dishes full of authentic Hyderabadi food here in docklands as those of your favourite restaurant in India. All the ingredients are chosen with great care and specifications; with this the Hyderabadi style makes each recipe a mouth watering course.

The mixed taste of Mughlai and Persian cuisine is what Hyderabadi cuisine is all about. The spices, meat, or rice are chosen with care and cooked with specific time and temperature while preparing a dish of Hyderabadi cuisine adding a distinct taste and aroma to the dish. Utensils made of copper, brass; earthen pots are used for cooking which also involves the direct use of fire, adding to the originality of Hyderabadi cuisine. Hyderabadi cuisines are slightly sour, hot and richly blessed with nuts and assorted spices and cooked in pure ghee.

The ingredients used and the method of making gives the dish its name for example "Murgh do pyaza" gets its name from the onions which are added twice to the dish in two different ways.

The base of dishes popularly known as “Gravy” is exclusive blend of herbs, spices and condiments. Hyderabad’s most famous dish is Hyderabadi Biryani, a meat – and – rice dish. An authentic meal of Hyderabad inseparably includes a Mutton Biryani. Other very popular biryanis are chicken and vegetarian biryani. The "Kebabs" is one more special dish of Hyderabadi cuisine, the "Shammi Kebab" is one most popular type.

Hyderabadi cuisine is a princely legacy of the Nizams. In olden times Some 26 varieties of Biryanis were served to the guests of the Nizams. The recipes of many dishes were a well-kept secret that pass only down the family line or from the Teacher to his Pupil. The Head chefs or popularly known as "Khansas" were treated with due respect in the times of Nizams. A mealtime was celebrated as ritual each time concerted delicious dishes in Hyderabadi home.

In lucknowi “Nawabi” is synonymous with "Shahi" which truly signifies the richness of Hyderabadi cuisine.

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